Torrens Primary School has aligned its Science program with The Australian Science Curriculum.

The Australian Science Curriculum is divided into three interrelated strands

  1. Science Understanding
    • Biological sciences
    • Chemical sciences
    • Earth and space sciences
    • Physical sciences
  2. Science as a Human Endeavour
    This strand contains two sub strands:
    • Nature and development of science
    • Use and influence of science
  3. Science Inquiry Skills
    This strand contains five sub strands:
    • Questioning and predicting
    • Planning and conducting
    • Processing and analysing data and information
    • Evaluating
    • Communicating

Together, the three strands of the Science curriculum provide students with understanding, knowledge and skills through which they can develop a scientific view of the world. Students are challenged to explore science, its concepts, nature and uses through clearly described inquiry processes.

The Australian Curriculum in Science can be explored more fully at Australian Curriculum website

Year 2 exploring chemical reactions with sodium bicarbonate