Children playing in the palyground at Torrens Preschool

Address: Torrens Preschool Parsons Street Torrens ACT 2607

Telephone: 61422857

2019 Sessions:

Monday and Tuesday 9am-3pm each week of term and Wednesday 9am-3pm in even weeks of term (week 2,4,6,8 and 10); and

Thursday and Friday 9am-3pm each week of term and Wednesday 9am-3pm in odd weeks of term (week 1,3,5,7, and 9)

Torrens Preschool offers a welcoming, friendly atmosphere for both child and parent/carer, where children create, explore, imagine and learn through a play-based program. Children are offered a broad range of educational opportunities and experiences that enrich their social, emotional, physical, intellectual and creative abilities.

Each child's individuality is fostered and they are provided with a diverse, vibrant program. Learning is promoted in partnership with families.

More information is available in the 2019 Torrens Stripes and Torrens Spots Preschool handbooks

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