Updates to the management of COVID-19 in ACT Public Schools

Updates to the management of COVID-19 in ACT Public Schools

A message from the ACT Education Directorate: Updates to the management of COVID-19 in ACT public schools

Term 4 planning days (pupil free)

Two staff planning days (pupil free) will again be in place in Term 4. The dates are Friday 28 October 2022 and Monday 28 November 2022. 

These planning days provide an important opportunity for our staff to undertake training, plan for the remainder of the term and the year ahead and finalise end of year student reporting which can’t be done during class time.

While students may wish to use these days to catch up on homework and / or assignments, no additional work will be allocated to them on these days. Families may like to use these as wellbeing days for their children.

Students who can’t stay at home will be able to attend school and be supervised while undertaking general learning activities. Please confirm attendance with the front office on 6142 0777.

Changes to exposure advice in ACT public schools

Since the beginning of Term 1, ACT public schools have been providing families with email advice when a positive COVID-19 case within a cohort/class group has attended school during their infectious period.

From the beginning of Term 4, families will no longer receive an email every time a positive case is reported. Instead, families will be notified when there is an outbreak of COVID-19.

This change aligns with the recent change in public reporting by ACT Health.

Schools will continue to have COVID Smart measures in place to support the health and wellbeing of everyone at school.

Do I still need to tell my school if my child has been at school while potentially infectious? Yes. Anyone who has attended school while positive with COVID-19 must still notify their school. Schools provide this data to the Education Directorate and ACT Health each week and it remains an important tool to help identify any potential outbreaks or areas of concern in our schools.

How will I know if there is an outbreak in my school? You will be notified by text message when there is a higher number of cases in a particular cohort/class group or if a confirmed case is deemed as high risk. This will enable appropriate measures to be put in place to manage these exposures.

Your school will let you know if they need to make any temporary changes to learning.

A reminder to stay COVID smart at school

To help reduce the impacts on learning as a result of illness, please remember to:  

·         Stay up to date with COVID-19 and influenza vaccinations. 

·         Do not attend school if unwell or if you have tested positive to COVID-19.

·         Practise good hand and respiratory hygiene.

·         Wear a mask when appropriate.

If your child or young person is a household contact, they may still attend school as long as they do not have any symptoms and have tested negative for COVID-19. Please follow ACT Health advice and let your school know by contacting the front office.