Mission Statement


Torrens Primary School, while valuing elements of traditional educational approaches, recognises the need to incorporate current advances in curriculum development, teaching and learning styles and strategies and educational resources in order to develop quality educational programs which meet the needs of our students in a constantly changing world.


Torrens Primary School provides a purposeful, productive and comprehensive education of the highest quality, working in partnership with the school community. The school aims to provide quality experiences that empower students to live in, and contribute to, a changing society. Torrens strives to develop in students the ability to work as members of a team in cooperative learning environments, and to appreciate the worth of individual differences, with the capacity to act as responsible, independent citizens who care about themselves and their environment.

Our Values & Improvement Priorities

School Values: Teamwork and tolerance

Priority 1: Improve growth in writing to establish a community of engaged writers

Priority 2: Improve growth in mathematics, establishing a community of engaged mathematicians.