Children at play at Pearce Preschool

Address: Pearce Preschool Pendred Street Pearce ACT 2607

Telephone: 6142 2858

2019: 9am-3pm every Thursday and Friday during term time and every Wednesday in odd weeks of term (weeks 1,3,5,7,9)

Pearce Preschool offers a welcoming, friendly environment in which each child is embraced as an individual, a learner as part of a group and as a valuable part of the preschool community. The physical indoor and outdoor learning environments provide opportunities for investigation through a play-based learning approach. Children are invited to create, explore, express imagine and learn in an aesthetically pleasing sustainable environment.

Children are offered a broad range of educational opportunities and experiences that enrich their social, emotional, physical, intellectual and creative abilities, with a specific emphais on the visual arts. Intentional social and emotional skills needed for successful lifelong learning are taught.

Each child's uniqueness and individuality is fostered as they contribute to developing a program which is diverse, vibrant  and reflects their individual learning and developmental needs. A "Focus child System" is used by educators to observe, plan, program and reflect on individuals and groups of children. The program exhibits the fundamental characteristics of "Belonging, Being and Becoming - The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia".

Learning is promoted in partnership with families.Educators collaborate closely with families to identify the learning and developmental needs and interests of each child. These are documented and regularly assessed in the individual child's "Learning Journals" which are accessible for families to view, reflect upon and comment in at all times. More information about preschool is available in the 2019 Preschool handbook

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